Katia C Barbaro (304800/2007-4), Domingos Garrone Neto (142985/2

Katia C. Barbaro (304800/2007-4), Domingos Garrone Neto (142985/2005-8), Marta M. Antoniazzi (307029/2009-3) and Carlos Jared (307247/2007-4) were supported by a grant from

CNPq. IBAMA (SISBIO) provided animal collection permits (15702-1) and CGEN provided the license for genetic patrimony access (02001.005111/2008). “
“Figure options Download full-size image Download as PowerPoint slide Sessions will cover: • Ion Channel Therapeutics Heron Island is a coral cay 60 km from the Australian coast on the Great Barrier Reef. The fully air-conditioned Wistari conference room offers a view like no other – the reef is right outside. After ‘work’ you can fish, swim, dive, reef walk, take a snorkel boat or semi-submersible trip, or enjoy a sunset cruise or island this website spa. Attendance is limited to 100 participants. Further information:www.venomstodrugs.com selleck compound Organisers: Paul Alewood, Richard Lewis and Glenn King. Enquiries to Thea:[email protected]
“The author regrets that there were some mistakes in the Figs. 2 and 4 and their legends. The correct Figs. 2 and 4 along with the legend is as below: “
“PLA2 are enzymes that hydrolyze glycerophospholipid membranes (PL) in the sn-2 position, releasing, among other fatty acids, arachidonic acid (AA). AA is involved in the inflammatory process, producing the pro-inflammatory prostaglandins (PGs) and leukotrienes (LTs). The excessive

production of PGs and LTs is associated with many physiopathological processes such as asthma, cerebral illnesses, cancers, cardiovascular disorders, and inflammation ( Funk, 2001). The inhibition of PLA2 can prevent the excessive production of PGs and LTs, since the formation of AA is avoided ( Yedgar et al., 2000 and Balsinde et al., 2002). Venoms from different snake specimens are utilized as a PLA2 source, due to the abundance of these materials. Thus, these enzymes are utilized as a tool for several pharmacological studies ( Jabeen et al., 2005, Yedgar et al., 2006 and Romero et al., 2010). Lactones are esters formed from

the cyclisation from reaction between a hydroxyl group and another acid in the same molecule. Lactones with 5 or 6 carbons are more stable due to their low tension energy in the ring. Some studies have demonstrated the capacity of different lactones to inhibit phospholipase A2. The bromoenol lactone can inhibit calcium-independent PLA2 (Balsinde and Dennis, 1996, Dentan et al., 1996, Jenkins et al., 2002, Da Silva et al., 2006, Song et al., 2006 and Da Silva et al., 2007). In addition, wedelolactone and its derivatives from the class of coumestans, are capable of inhibiting the toxic action of both venom and PLA2, isolated from Bothrops jararacussu and Crotalus durissus terrificus ( Melo and Ownby, 1999, Diogo et al., 2009 and Melo et al., 2010). In this study, we synthesized eight sesquiterpene lactone compounds and evaluated their ability to inhibit some of the toxic effects of both whole venom, and PLA2 isolated from the venom of B. jararacussu.

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