“The activity of an aqueous extract of Prasaplai, a Thai t

“The activity of an aqueous extract of Prasaplai, a Thai traditional medicine, was studied on the isolated rat uterus

in the oestrus stage. The results showed that the extract inhibited the contraction induced by a submaximal dose of acetylcholine (2.04×10(4)mgmL(1)), oxytocin (1.54×10(4)mgmL(1)) and prostaglandin E-2 (PGE(2)) (6.00×10(4)mgmL(1)). The inhibition Selleck PF-6463922 was concentration-dependent and reversible by tissue washing. The IC50 of Prasaplai extracts expressed as milligram of powdered preparation per millilitre of perfusion solution for acetylcholine, oxytocin and PGE(2) were 11.70, 10.00 and 5.75mgmL(1), respectively. These data reveal that Prasaplai has an antispasmodic effect against uterine contraction by different mechanisms and corroborate the traditional use in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea. Oral administration of single dose of the water extract, calculated as powdered Prasaplai up to 20gkg(1) in rats, showed no sign and symptom of acute

toxicity, and no rat died even at the maximum dose.”
“A reverse phase liquid chromatographic analytical method was developed for the simultaneous determination of Dapivirine and DS003 content in tablet dosage form. The chromatographic separation was achieved by using a C(18) column with mobile phase containing a gradient mixture of 0.05% v/v trifluoroacetic acid in water as mobile phase A and acetonitrile as mobile phase B at a flow rate of 0.5 ml/min. Both of the analytes PU-H71 mw were quantified with a UV detector at 245 nm. Dapivirine and DS003 were subjected to the stress conditions of oxidation, acid and base hydrolysis and thermolysis. The analytes were found to be stable under acidic and thermal conditions. Dapivirine was not significantly affected by base hydrolysis but was severely affected by oxidative conditions. DS003 was significantly affected by both oxidation and base hydrolysis. The stability-indicating capability

of this method was demonstrated by adequate separation of the degradation peaks from those of the actives in the stress degraded samples. The method was validated for linearity, specificity, system suitability, precision and accuracy in accordance with ICH guidelines. The proposed method was applied LDN-193189 in vitro to quantitate Dapivirine and DS003 in drug-excipient compatibility studies, assay of the tablets and stability studies of Dapivirine and DS003 tablets.”
“Thin Y3Fe5O12 (YIG) films were pulsed laser deposited onto Gd3Ga5O12 (111) and (001) substrates. Processing conditions were optimized to obtain compressively strained films with a ferromagnetic resonance linewidth at 9 GHz as narrow as 0.9 Oe and high uniaxial magnetic anisotropy H-u=-880 Oe. Several designs of magnetostatic surface wave (MSSW) bandpass filters were fabricated and tested: 0.45 and 0.22 mu m thick YIG films lain on transducers alumina board and with microstripe transducers defined directly onto YIG film, with effective antenna areal sizes of 2 and 0.4 mm(2).

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